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751205 - Letter to Mr. Chayavana Swami from William W. Nicholson

From Vanisource

December 5, 1975

From: William W. Nicholson

Los Angeles

Dear Mr. Swami:

This is to acknowledge, for the President, your very thoughtful letter asking to meet with him.

The President appreciates your willingness to come in for a discussion in an effort to be helpful and would like to be able to see personally all who now express that desire, if circumstances permitted. Unfortunately, however, the heavy official demands on his time simply will not allow him to do so.

The President is grateful for the spirit of cooperation and helpfulness which you expressed and wanted me to convey to you his very best wishes. Sincerely,

William W. Nicholson
Scheduling Office
Mr. Chayavana Swami
3764 Watseka Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90034