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760118 - Letter to Yasomatinandana written from Mayapur

Letter to Yashomatinandan

3, Albert Road,
Calcutta 17
Camp: Mayapur

19th January,   76

My dear Jashomatinandan,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of the names of the persons recommended for first and second initiation. I accept all the new devotees as my initiated disciples. Their spiritual names are:

Bhakta Phil - Sarvaksa dasa
Bhakta Mark - Parivadi dasa
Bhakta Jimmy - Kalasamvara dasa
Bhakta Bruce - Rudracandi dasa
Bhakta Martin - Krodhesvara dasa
Bhaktin Karen - Sarvaga dasi
Bhaktin Sue - Brahmapatni dasi

All of them must agree to faithfully chant 16 rounds minimum daily and rigidly abide by the four regulative principles.

I accept Sriman Ram das and Sriman Dayasara das for second initiation. Their sacred threads are duly chanted on and are enclosed. Brahmin means to be clean—inside by always chanting the Lord's glories, and outside by regular bathing. Brahmin also means pandit, so they must be able to support their preaching by quoting shastric references. Particularly, they should study Bhagavad-gita, Sri Isopanisad, Nectar of Devotion and Nectar of Instruction as well as all the small paperbacks. There will be a yearly examination for all Brahmins based upon these books.

Now you must hold a fire ceremony. Afterwards, the brahmanas may hear the Gayatri mantra through the right ear from the tape recording. Teach everyone to follow the principles by your personal example.

I hope this meets you well.

Your ever well wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Sriman Jashomatinandan das
ISKCON New Zealand