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760324 - Letter to Nalinikanta Roy, Panchu Gopal Paul, Swarup, Govinda Tarafder, Bijoy Kumar Pramanik, Gopal Chandra, Gour Chandra, Surendra Nath, Mani Lal, Kartick Chandra, Balai Chandra, Dharani Dhar, Debaki Dulal and Gour Kishor written from Vrndavana

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

March 24, 1976

Nalini Kanta Roy

Gopal Nagar, Bangaon,
District 24-Parganas,
W. Bengal

Sri Panchu Gopal Paul,

Village Matiganj,
P.O. Matiganj,
District 24-Parganas,
W. Bengal

Prabhu Swarup Das,
Sri Govinda Tarafder, Sri Bijoy Kumar Pramanik,
Sri Gopal Chandra Mandal, Bangaon Bazaar,
Sri Gour Chandra Mandal, P.O. Bangaon,
Sri Surendra Nath Mandal, District 24-Parganas,
Sri Mani Lal Mandal, W. Bengal

Sri Kartick Chandra Mandal,
Sri Balai Chandra Mandal, Sri Dharani Dhar Das,
Village Haridaspore, Village Shimultala,
P.O. Chhayagharia, P.O. Matiganj,
District 24-Pargana District 24-Parganas,
W. Bengal W. Bengal

Sri Debaki Dulal Datta, Sri Gour Kishore Majumder,
Datta House, Bangaon, Geeta Products, Matiganj,
P.O. Bangaon, P.O. Matiganj,
District 24-Parganas, District 24-Parganas,
W. Bengal W. Bengal

Dear Sirs:

With reference to our meeting on March 20, 1976 at Haridaspore, I beg to propose that immediately we require at least Rs. 50,000/- for development of the place. Kindly let me know exactly what is the area of the land (include a sketch of the land), and then we can make a site plan and a building construction plan.

I heard from Prabhu Swarup Das that one gentleman has already promised Rs. 10,000/- so another Rs. 10,000/- can also be given by us. The other Rs. 30,000/- can be collected by your endeavour and the thing can be started immediately. I wish that before the next rainy season we can begin work.

I hope that this meets you in good health,

Yours faithfully,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami