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760327 - Letter to Ambassador of the of United States of America written from Delhi

Letter to The Ambassador of the United States of America, New Delhi

9 Todar Mal Lane,
Bengali Market,
New Delhi, 110-001,

March 27,      76


The Ambassador of the
United States of America,
Chanakya Puri,
New Delhi

May it please Your Excellency,
I beg to introduce myself as the founder-acharya of the above institution. Our mission is to preach Krishna Consciousness (God-Consciousness) all over the world, and in your country alone we have got about 40 branches in all the important towns of America. In all the countries, the majority of my disciples are Americans. I met Mr. Kenneth Keating, your former ambassador to India and he was a personal friend to my disciple, Sri Gurudasa Adhikari. A copy of his letter is also enclosed herein.

I have seen a house situated at 12 Ring Road, New Delhi, which is your property. Immediately we need a house for our residential purposes. My disciples are mostly Americans. Our main activities are to preach philosophical and cultural literatures, a list of which is also enclosed. It is understood that the house is for sale and if you kindly give us some concession rate we can immediately pay you. So kindly do the needful. I am sending you Gurudasa Adhikari to take care of this on my behalf.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


encl : 1


c.c. Mr. George Twohie - State Department, Washington, D.C. [handwritten]