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760414 - Letter to Madhudvisa from Pusta Krsna

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April 14, 1976

From: Pusta Krishna

All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga!!

Dear Madhudvisa Maharaj,

Please accept my humble obeisances. Prabhupada would like to spend some time in New Vrindavan this year, and he also would like to be back in India by about August 12 for going to Hyderabad to open the new Temple there. I think that you should try to arrange the Rathayatra in mid-June, perhaps about June 10 or so, in that way Prabhupada can translate in New Vrindavan. He told me yesterday that of all places, he would like to stop in New Vrindavan for some time and translate his books.

I trust that you will try to arrange accordingly if possible. Prabhupada will not be going to all the Rathayatras this year, but he mentioned that he would go to the New York Rathayatra, so he is very keen about this. After Rathayatra in New York His Divine Grace will go to New Vrindavan, and he should be able to spend perhaps 2-3 weeks there, before going to Europe, and Tehran, so the best would be to have to the Rathayatra as soon as possible and not later than the 10th June if possible, and at most the 15th June; anyway, see how it can be done and inform me.

I hope that this meets you in good health.

Your servant,

Pusta Krishna Swami