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760505 - Letter to Radhaballabha from Pusta Krsna

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May 6, 1976

From: Pusta Krishna

Los Angeles

Dear Radhaballabha das,

Please accept my humble obeisances. I spoke with Srila Prabhupada concerning the points we discussed over the telephone. Firstly, I have already informed you that the painting of Narada and Yudhisthira conversing in the palace, there can be other people there besides. Secondly, Ramesvara should not listen to that nonsense ayur vedic doctor. I told Prabhupada what Ramesvara was taking for his hepatitis, rice and mung juice, I think you said. Anyway, Prabhupada said who is that rascal ayur vedic doctor. Prabhupada said that he should take rock candy (dissolved in water if he cannot suck on it) and also he can take papaya preparations.

Concerning Hayagriva coming here, Prabhupada said that he should he sent here immediately to complete the philosophy book. Prabhupada did not seem to mind that it might take two months. So send him. Prabhupada said that Hayagriva can edit the english portion and Pradyumna can do the Sanskrit, in this way the Bhagavatam can be finished quickly. He may have meant that the english of the philosophy book could be edited by Hayagriva. It was a little ambiguous. Anyway he can come immediately.

I hope that this meets you in good health. See that Ramesvara follows this advice, as I also took this and got over the hepatitis in one month.

Your servant,

Pusta Krishna Swami

Personal Secretary

n.b. I picked up the tickets for Prabhupada, myself (Paul Dossick), Hari Sauri (D. Harrison), and Pradyumna (P. Sherbow), at United airlines. Prabhupada’s and Hari Sauri’s ticket was first class and mine and Pradyumna’s was economy. We have tentatively made booking on the June first flight 194, Thank you.