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760714 - Letter to Vasudeva from Pusta Krsna

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July 14, 1976

From: Pusta Krishna

Lautoka, Fiji Island

My dear Vasudeva Prabhu,

Please accept my most humble obeisances. I beg to inform you that we have received 2 estimates from Jaipur through Saurabh giving prices if the Deities were to be made in Jaipur. The shipping cost is also mentioned on the enclosure and the murti wala said that it would be safe. I think that Baradvaja in Los Angeles is also doing something in this connection and you can contact him for details.

The temple here in New York is very enlivening. It is a big 11 story building in the heart of Manhattan. On the basement there is even a well attended prasadam restaurant and businessmen frequently attend it and say that the food is “superb.” The atmosphere here is very purifying. It is most important that we follow the rules and regulations as our spiritual advancement depends on following the instructions of the spiritual master. I hope that this finds you well and enthused in the chanting of the Holy Name. Your servant,

Pusta Krishna Swami,

Personal Secretary to

Srila Prabhupada