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760907 - Letter to Harikesa from Tamal Krsna

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New York,

September 7, 1976

From: Tamal Krishna


Dear Harikesa Maharaj,

Please accept my most humble obeisances at your feet. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada. Yesterday Jayatirtha prabhu, read to me the letter sent by hand to me from you regarding Fiji, Hawaii, Australia, and other matters and today I have in hand your hand-written letter, undated. We are all very concerned that Srila Prabhupada is so much bothered with so many problems of Iskcon management. I wish it were possible to be informed of these problems when they initially arise so we could try to correct them before they reach His Divine Grace. We are dealing with the difficulties as follows: Ramesvara Maharaj and I have discussed the problems in Gurukripa's zone in detail and have concluded that it is more convenient for Ramesvara to go there than for myself at this time.. Whatever he's doing can go on for a week or ten days in his absence. But in my absence the work I am doing would practically stop. I think he is equal or even more competent than me, so there should be no problem. We have spoken with Gurukripa Maharaja in Japan and Upendra dasa who is in Fiji and have fixed up the program for Ramesvara to meet Gurukripa in Melbourne on the 10th of September. They will then together study the situation and determine once and for all whether or not funds were embezzled. There is also an allegation that Spiritual Sky, Sydney was involved in embezzling funds as well, so this will be checked into at the same time. Ramesvara Maharaja will also take the opportunity to consult an Australian lawyer and determine whether Australian law will protect Iskcon’s rights for distributing in the airports and other public places there which would mean a great expansion of sankirtan. His staying in Australia should take no more than three or four days, often which time we have arranged for him to meet with Upendra at Fiji. There is every likelihood that he will go without Gurukripa Maharaja as he is on very bad terms with Mr. Punja. When we spoke with Upendra, he was making ready to leave Fiji for good. He is also not on good terms with Mr. Punja. At this point our Society is incorporated there with three trustees, all businessmen, none of them devotees. Ramesvara will first of all attempt to have three Iskcon men appointed as trustees with two of the businessmen remaining. If he is not successful at this then he will attempt to dissolve Iskcon and let Mr. Punja manage things privately. There is sufficient direction in your letter as well as the copies of correspondence between Prabhupada and Mr. Punja and the bank manager. So Ramesvara Maharaja should be able to act decisively one way or the other.

Gurukripa is winding up his business in Japan and plans to travel and preach extensively in Australia with a party, so hopefully the devotees there will have the leader that they need. About six devotees will be left in Japan to continue the Deity worship and small collecting.

Regarding Africa, Bhagavan and I delayed our going because we first wanted to send some strong men and see if things could not be righted. Now it is taking time for those men’s visas, so it was decided that Bhagavan prabhu will go in one week along with Partha dasa and a number of other devotees. His main purpose will be to meet with Brahmananda Maharaja and evaluate how many more men should be sent there and also to find out definitely Brahmananda’s spiritual condition. We are thinking to send a total of about 20 devotees from America and Europe to Africa. We have also managed to send nine first-class pujaris to India from the U.S. and they should be arriving immediately. Regarding the idea that financial affairs of each GBC be openly shown, that idea GBC has already agreed to. Enclosed is a typical form that each GBC man fills out at the end of each month and sends to me and which I in turn duplicate and send to the other GBC. This has just begun and so far only involves the North American GBC. Perhaps at Mayapur we can suggest it be done for the whole Society.

Sumahat prabhu is in maya living with his parents. He has been contacted repeatedly but does not want to come back.

Regarding Hawaii, we have heard from a number of persons that the restaurant is still opened. So a complete report should be forthcoming within ten days time from Ramesvara. I am scheduled to leave for South America on the 18th of September along with Tripurari Maharaja We shall be working with Hridayananda Maharaja for expanding book distribution. It appears that South America as a whole is as good a preaching field for book distribution as the U.S. So it warrants attention. If for some reason you have to reach me urgently, you can do so by contacting Los Angeles and they can either get in touch with me immediately or else tell you which temple in South America I can be reached at.

I am glad to learn that your health is good. There should be no worry about spending a little extra money for proper foods. Whatever keeps you fit, I think you should definitely demand. Krishna has placed you in a very important position, so please try to remain humble, and calm so that you can handle nicely all the services you have to perform.

Please offer my prostrated obeisances at the feet of Srila Prabhupada.

Your servant,

Tamal Krishna Goswami

P.S. There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that Sudama Maharaj has blooped. He is doing wonderfully in N.Y. Regarding the Northwest U.S. zone, Ramesvara and Hridayananda will manage it jointly in an advisory capacity with Mayapur meeting. So far as you are able, try to deal with all problems by writing me or other GBC men before taking these problems to Srila Prabhupada.



Copies: Vrndavana Delhi