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770210 - Letter to Ramnarino Ramlal from Satsvarup

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10 February, 1977

Dear Ramnarino Ramlal,

Please accept my greetings. Srila Prabhupada received your devotional letter, undated, and was very glad to hear that you are feeling so enthusiastic about Krsna Consciousness. He also received a recent report from Bir Krsna telling how a wedding was recently held in Trinadad and there was chanting, dancing and taking of Krsna prasadam by many persons.

Go on with this program and cooperate with the older devotees in establishing a big Krsna center there in Trinidad. This will please Srila Prabhupada and Lord Krsna very much, and will by your own perfection of life.

Yours sincerely,

Satsvarupa das Goswami

Secretary for His Divine Grace