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770412 - Letter to Danavir from Tamal Krsna

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12 April, 1977

From: Tamal Krishna

Dear Danavir das prabhu:

Please accept my humble obeisances. I have been asked by Srila Prabhupada to write you in regard to your Bhakta Programme Newsletter. The April 1st, 1977 special issue No. 6 newsletter arrived. I showed it to His Divine Grace. Prabhupada’s reaction was: “Whether it is worth the time and money spent. Our energies must be conserved for more important work.”

My own frank opinion is that I think the newsletter is not really important. The Sankirtan newsletter is very important because we see that it encourages and reports on the topmost activity of book distribution, but I think it is questionable that this newsletter actually makes more devotees. The fact that so few temples are participating seems to confirm this point also. Please do not take this criticism in the wrong way. Srila Prabhupada Himself did not really feel that this newsletter was necessary. You can consult with some other GBC men and see what is their opinion, and then decide what is to be done.

Hoping this meets you in the best of health.

Your servant,

Tamal Krishna Goswami

Secretary for Srila Prabhupada