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770427 - Letter to Adi Kesava from Unknown

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April 27, 1977

From: Unknown

My dear Adi Kesava Maharaja,

Please accept my most humble obeisances at your feet. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your report for the week of 7th April to 14th April. Still to date we have not received the court transcript which you mentioned, so please send us another copy of all of these.

Your reports are certainly nectarean and I take great pleasure in reading them before His Divine Grace who is very much pleased to hear all of the wonderful activities of the devotees of ISKCON New York, Radha-Damodar party and New Varshana, Pretro Pico and Boston. If you can get this Ceylon Valley investigated by a State Committee and have his license revoked, that would be true justice. The man is not at all a law-abiding detective but is a first-class rascal and should be punished accordingly. He should be exposed as having personal ambitions and utilizing the position of a investigator for actually performing criminal activities. Definitely push this case. Yes, that would be good if you have the DA charge the deprogrammers but not the parents.

It is certainly encouraging to know that your preaching in the Caribbean was so successful. This is undoubtedly due to your potency for following strictly the regulative principles as well as all of Srila Prabhupada’s instructions. The more strictly you can adhere to the Krsna conscious principles, the more successful you preaching will be. Never neglect any of these principles thinking that you have no time or there is some matter too important. Your strength lies in regularity. From your letter it is clear that the Indians are actually coming out to help. Srila Prabhupada said regarding this, “Indians are getting life now. There was no temple for them to attend. Now for the first time they are getting facilities. In London they are coming by the thousands and they are maintaining the temple.” Now organize the India communities in the Caribbean very nicely. If they see that there is good organization and that we carry through with whatever we promise them, then they will easily support whatever programs we want them to. If there was any mistake created by Giriraja, now rectify it. I am going to speak to him about the situation there and I shall report to you my discussion with him in my next letter. Srila Prabhupada has suggested that you should introduce Ratha-yatra in the Caribbean, whichever island you think is best. His Divine Grace says it will attract everyone. So why not try for this ? Yes, that is a good idea to hold two separate programs in Santo Domingo, one for the high-class, and the other for the general public. The same thing is having to be done in Africa, and we are now finding it much more successful. Both groups are happier with this arrangement. Are you finding that to be true there also ?

Yes, Sudama Maharaja’s theater activities are very important. To show this, Srila Prabhupada has even decided to fund their traveling to such places as Russia and elsewhere with BBT funds. His Divine Grace only uses BBT money for his own personal projects, that is to say, projects which he considers of topmost importance.

Srila Prabhupada was very pleased to hear that in New York there are a number of Indian people coming to live and follow Krsna consciousness strictly and even that they are paying for their stay. His Divine Grace said, “These people should be encouraged more and more to stay at our temple like this. Now we require another house.