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770520 - Conversation - Vrndavana

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

770520R1-VRNDAVAN - May 20, 1977 - 15:45 Minutes

Indian man (1): Thoda sa . . . USA me bhi thoda bahut... hai is movement ka. (a little bit . . . in the USA also somewhat . . . is there in this movement.)

Prabhupāda: Hmm?

Indian man (1): Wo to ek country me ek ajeeb sa atmosphere sa rehta hai jiske andar thoda sa convince karne ki jaroorat har jagah hoti hai. To mera khyal hai ki yahan bhi usi ki chinta hai. Wahan USA me lagta hai thoda sa virodh tha aur doosre mulkon me apka virodh kiya gaya, thoda bahut yahan bhi khamiyan hain. To us cheez ko (That is there is a particular type of atmosphere in one country within which there is a need to convince them, this happens everywhere. So in my opinion, here also, that is the matter of concern. In the USA it seemed as if there was little opposition and in other countries, there were people who were against you. There are some discrepancies here also.) this matter can be taken up with the authorities. Aur main samajhta hoon ki koi aadmi yahan reh raha hai to khaskar ek religion hai aur uska prachar me hai to usme koi badha nahi aani chahiye (Unless there is a . . . and I think that if a person is living here and there is a particular religion and he is preaching that religion then there should be no obstacle, unless there is . . .)

Indian man (2): They must be accepted.

Indian man (1): I don't think. The matter needs a bit pursuing . . . Abhi wo election ke baad isko abhi mahina-dedh mahina ke baad sab . . . (It has to be pursued by . . . now after the election, after a month and a half, it has to be pursued by . . .)

Prabhupāda: Ab ye election ke baad hote-hote hum hi baad ho jayenge . . . (And saying after the election I would also have become after . . .) (laughter)

Indian man (1): Ab is samay to mere khyal se sabhi aisa hai ki is issue par kisi ka dhyan hi dene ka mauka nahi mila hai. (Everybody is unsure about himself. Now at this time, in my opinion, it appears they don't have the chance to pay attention to this matter.)

Indian man (2): Only the government has power.

Indian man (1): Aur kya hoga unless the new government is formed koi kaam isi me to dikkat padega. jab nayi government aur ek bar elections ho gaye ye sab ho jaye uske baad mere khyal se convince karne ka hai. (And what will happen unless the new government is formed? No work, trouble will be related to this issue. The new government, once the elections are over and all this happens, after that I think we can convince them.)

Prabhupada: Central ka to election ho hi gaya ab chal raha hai assembly ka, yehi ho jayega 10-12 din tak. (The elections for central government are over now, the assembly elections are going on and this will go for 10 to 12 days.)

Indian man: 15 din, it's not a very long time after this, when things have just settled down. Then this matter can be taken up. mere khayal se aisi koi baat nahi hai lekin isme maine aapse shayad kaha tha ki kahin maine ek article padha tha ki... us me aapne prachar kiya, sri lanka me kiya, obstacles wahan bhi aap ke raaste me aaye. waise yahan bhi bahut se log hain . . . to wo ek hai usko convince karne se kam se kam is mulk me to rahat mil sakti hai. foreign countries me to other.people may dislike it ki. . . (15 days. It's not a very long time after this when things will settle down. Then this matter can be taken up. In my opinion there is nothing like that, but for this I think I have told you—that somewhere I had read an article that . . . you had preached there in Sri Lanka and obstacles were also in your way. There are lots of people here also . . . so if we are able to convince them then at least, in this country, we will be rest assured. In foreign countries other people may dislike it, that . . .)

Indian man (2): This is matter of pride. Ki hamare foreigners hamare misiion me aa rahe hain. (This is a matter of pride, that our foreigners are coming to our mission.) They have got faith in the mission, then it must be left fully to serve the mission. Nahi anti-national views agar ho to us par aap restriction impose kijiye. (No, if there are anti-national views then you put restrictions on that.) If you don't find any of the aciton to be anti-action then they must accept. they should be relaxed.

Indian man: Mujko ye kehna nahi chahiye lekin ab tak ye raha hai ki bhi . . . yahan se gaye the wo ek ajeeb sa khud hi mulk me suspect kiya ki everybody is CIA, wo ek hawa si thi. to ab to certain passport rules hain, certain . . . ke rules hain wo sab rules apni jagah par (I must not be saying this but up to now it has been that . . . they had gone from here and were suspected in that country—there was a wind of suspicion. So now there are certain passport rules. Certain . . . rules are there and all these rules have their own importance) they are already . . . lekin mulk ke andar jo agar ye baat ho jaye . . . (but if within the country this happens . . .)

Prabhupāda: Ye to parliament me discuss, home member bol diya. Hamare paas aisa koi information nahi hai ki ye log CIA hain. (This was discussed in the parliament, home member told: "I don't have any such information that these people are CIA.")

Indian man: Ab ye to us waqt ki baat hai jab unke under regime agar change hoti hai to probably . . . CID hai to CID can be asked. (Now this is when they were under the regime but if the regime changes then probably . . . if CID, then CID can be asked.)

Prabhupada: Ye sab discussion ho gaya. poocha gaya inse kab liscence liya, kahan se liya, usko bhi jawab diya . . . agar CIA hai to kya stay dega, stay lene ka koi baat hi nahi, information hi nahi hai CIA hai aur kya chahiye. ye to discussion ho gaya. Aapka record me hai. (All this discussion is over. They were asked when they got the license, from where it was issued and they had to answer them. If they are the CIA then will they give the stay? There is no need to take a stay. There is no information that they are CIA, what else you want? This discussion is over, it's there in your records.)

Indian man: Aap so sarasar gyani hain. Main samajhta hoon ki ye to sabere . . . ho jayega. Aisi to koi baat nahi hai . . . (You are so knowledgeable. I think that this will happen in the morning. There is nothing as such.)

Prabhupada: Aaplog kya lenge? (What will you have?)

Indian man: . . . shyam ko saat baje. brindavan me to dabur ka abadrak milta hai, zandu ka nahi mila. ek dukandar ne kaha yahan brindavan me ki main do-teen din me mangva doonga, humne kaha mangva do. (. . . in the evening at 7pm. In Vrindavan abadrak is available, I did not get Zandu. In Vrindavan, one shop keeper told me that I will get it for you in 2 to 3 days. I told him to get it.)

Prabhupada: Dabur ka kuch accha nahin hai, bus vishwas hai. (None of the products of Dabur are nice, only faith is there in the brand name.)

Indian man: Dabur ka le aaon thoda sa jab tak wo aa raha hai. Abhi le aaon. (Shall I bring the Dabur product until we get that? Shall I bring it now?)

Prabhupada: Nahi itna jaldi kyo. (No, there is no such urgency.)

Indian man: Pachas dukan dekhe Mathura me . . . sade aath baje hain. (I saw around 50 shops in Mathura . . . it is 8.30 now.) (long pause, bells ringing in background) (break) (end)