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770705 - Conversation A - Vrndavana

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

770705R1-VRNDAVAN - July 05, 1977 - 6:55 Minutes

Prabhupāda: "Probably," "perhaps." Why Darwin's theory is full of this "perhaps," "probably," "millions of years"? What is this nonsense? Is that knowledge? A mortal man is suggesting "millions of years" and "perhaps," "probably." And that's science. I never liked this.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Never.

Prabhupāda: That is my disease.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Even in your school days. How did you feel about when they taught Darwin when you were in school?

Prabhupāda: We were never taught. But in our college days one professor, Dr. Kalidas Nahan, he was sometimes speaking in relation with history, "prehistoric age," that. But I did not take it very seriously. He was speaking about some anthropology. But he was very . . . no, historians, they must be very intelligent. And they must refer to this Darwin's theory.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: We have to rewrite the history books. Your Bhāgavatam is actually rewriting history, universal history.

Prabhupāda: Yes. I have many times said that this is universal history.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Yes, you mentioned, "This is not done according to the time chronology or place. Many of the events have taken place on other planets." That you mention in the First Canto. That was very appealing to me.

Prabhupāda: And Kṛṣṇa incarnation appears according to the particular planet and climate, er, planet. Just like churning. That is in higher planetary system. There are persons like that. It is not improper. And we are comparing with us that, "We cannot churn. Therefore there is no churning." That is our disease, to simply compare with our position.

Upendra: Self-centered.

Prabhupāda: Yes. Even in this planet, in different places there are different standard. In the ocean, then the standard is different from this standard.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Yes. You said, just like in Africa there are seven-foot-tall people.

Prabhupāda: Yes.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Giants.

Prabhupāda: In Japan, when I went there for . . . (aside) Here. The house, it was so low that, "How they live here?"

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Was that when we went to Dai Nippon that time?

Prabhupāda: (laughs) No, Dai Nippon has good building.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: No, I mean is that the time?

Prabhupāda: Yes. "What is this? Why so low?" (laughs) I was . . .

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Paper house. You were living in a paper house.

Prabhupāda: Yes. I was feeling very uncomfortable.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Insecure in that position. Everyone was cooking nasty things.

Prabhupāda: Within this house, within this room, a palace is made in Japan.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: He was there for quite a while, Śatadhanya Mahārāja.

Prabhupāda: Yes.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: With Trivikrama Mahārāja.

Prabhupāda: Very short places. Park, (laughs) a nonsense park. A rough hill is a park. You remember?

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Um-hmm.

Prabhupāda: All ordinary huts, general people.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Yeah. But one thing we noticed, that there was . . . I remember we had a discussion that there was less fighting amongst the people.

Prabhupāda: They are peaceful.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Because they're peaceful, you said.

Prabhupāda: Indian culture.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: You remember that lady? You were walking, and some old lady, she didn't know you, but just by your dress and the way you were walking . . .

Prabhupāda: Yes.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: . . . she offered her respects.

Prabhupāda: Yes. On the whole, they are good. Culture is Indian.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Eastern culture.

Prabhupāda: Yes. But they are imitating.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Śrīla Prabhupāda, Dr. Sharma is waiting outside. Should I go back to him?

Prabhupāda: Um-hmm. (aside) You can go out. (end)