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770906 - Letter to Ramesvara from Tamal Krsna

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Bhaktivedanta Manor,

September 6, 1977

From: Tamal Krishna

Los Angeles

My dear Ramesvara Maharaja,

Please accept my most humble obeisances at your feet. I have been instructed by His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada to thank yon for your letter dated September 2nd, 1977. Enclosed please find a Letter to: the residents of New Dvaraka-dhama which I would request you to kindly read to them after the mangala-aroti ceremony. Needless to repeat to you, there is no way to describe how pleased Srila Prabhupada was with the offering of the new books as well as the beautiful photographs of Rathayatra. I have tried to express this in the Letter to: all of the devotees there.

Neither I can fully express to you how much His Divine Grace was pleased with the ceremony of the opening of the Krishna-Kaliya Temple in Fiji. Especially Srila Prabhupada appreciated your statement, “that Fiji could easily become the first country in the world to have a Krishna conscious government, and Vasudeva is the perfect devotee to help accomplish this task.”

I try to always praise you as you are most worthy of praise, to His Divine Grace. After I read your letter I told Srila Prabhupada how when you had last visited Vrndavana, before returning to the West, you had gone to the samadhi of Sri Rupa Gosvami, and prayed fervently for many hours to be engaged in making the publication and distribution of the Srimad-Bhagavatam a reality. When I said this to Srila Prabhupada His Divine Grace nodded with so much affection for you, and I could understand how fortunate you are that you are doing such intimate service for Prabhupada and how much appreciative His Divine Grace is of your service. I am a very puffed-up fool, but I pray to you that you allow me to render some assistance, because I know that you are fully qualified to spread Krishna consciousness under the direction of His Divine Grace, by the distribution of His transcendental books.

I would definitely recommend you to be in New York when His Divine Grace sets foot on the land of America. Recently, I informed Srila Prabhupada how Balavanta Prabhu was arranging for His Divine Grace to come to America, and how all of the officials whom he met were very respectful in welcoming His Divine Grace on His return to America. When I spoke this to Srila Prabhupada, He burst into tears and with tremendous feeling He said, “America has been so good to me to give me money, men, everything. I have no designation that this is my country. But because they have given me so much facility, I cannot forget my obligation to them. I want to make them happy and through them the whole world.” I can only just imagine how ecstatic will be the arrival of His Divine Grace, and I pray that you will be there. Hoping this meets yon in. the best of health and Krishna consciousness.

Your servant,

Tamal Krishna Gosvami
Secretary to Srila Prabhupada
His Holiness Ramesvara Swami
c/o ISKCON Los Angeles


P.S. As Jayatirtha Prabhu reported that the philosophy book, after being checked by Ravindra Svarupa, appears to be at best childish and not at all scholarly, Srila Prabhupada said that you should not publish it.