BG 17.25 (1972)

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Bhagavad-gita As It Is (1972) - Chapter 17: The Divisions of Faith
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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


तदित्यनभिसन्धाय फलं यज्ञतपःक्रियाः ।
दानक्रियाश्च विविधाः क्रियन्ते मोक्षकाङ्क्षिभिः ॥२५॥
tad ity anabhisandhāya
phalaṁ yajña-tapaḥ-kriyāḥ
dāna-kriyāś ca vividhāḥ
kriyante mokṣa-kāṅkṣibhiḥ


tat—that; iti—they; anabhisandhāya—without fruitive result; phalam—result of sacrifice; yajña—sacrifice; tapaḥ—penance; kriyāḥ—activities; dāna—charity; kriyāḥ—activities; ca—also; vividhāḥ—varieties; kriyante—done; mokṣa-kāṅkṣibhiḥ—those who actually desire liberation.


One should perform sacrifice, penance and charity with the word tat. The purpose of such transcendental activities is to get free from the material entanglement.


To be elevated to the spiritual position, one should not act for any material gain. Acts should be performed for the ultimate gain of being transferred to the spiritual kingdom, back to home, back to Godhead.

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