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CC Adi 14.48

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


kabhu śiśu-saṅge snāna karila gaṅgāte
kanyāgaṇa āilā tāhāṅ devatā pūjite


kabhu — sometimes; śiśu-saṅge — along with other children; snāna — bathing; karila — did; gaṅgāte — in the Ganges; kanyā-gaṇa — the girls; āilā — came there; tāhāṅ — on the bank of the Ganges; devatā — demigods; pūjite — to worship.


Sometimes the Lord would go with other children to bathe in the Ganges, and the neighboring girls would also come there to worship various demigods.


According to the Vedic system, when small girls ten or twelve years old would go to the bank of the Ganges to take their bath, they would especially worship Lord Śiva with prayers to get good husbands in the future. They especially wanted to get a husband like Lord Śiva because Lord Śiva is very peaceful and at the same time most powerful. Formerly, therefore, small girls in Hindu families would worship Lord Śiva, especially in the month of Vaiśākha (April-May). To take a bath in the Ganges is a great pleasure for everyone, not only for adults but for children also.