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CC Adi 15.27

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


na gṛhaṁ gṛham ity āhur
gṛhiṇī gṛham ucyate
tayā hi sahitaḥ sarvān
puruṣārthān samaśnute


nanot; gṛham — the home; gṛham — the house; iti — thus; āhuḥ — said; gṛhiṇī — the wife; gṛham — home; ucyate — it is said; tayā — with her; hi — certainly; sahitaḥ — together; sarvān — all; puruṣa-arthān — goals of human life; samaśnute — perfects.


“Merely a house is not a home, for it is a wife who gives a home its meaning. If one lives at home with his wife, together they can fulfill all the interests of human life.”