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SB 1.17.26

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


iyaṁ ca bhūmir bhagavatā
nyāsitoru-bharā satī
śrīmadbhis tat-pada-nyāsaiḥ
sarvataḥ kṛta-kautukā


iyam—this; ca—and; bhūmiḥ—surface of the earth; bhagavatā—by the Personality of Godhead; nyāsita—being performed personally as well as by others; uru—great; bharā—burden; satī—being so done; śrīmadbhiḥ—by the all-auspicious; tat—that; pada-nyāsaiḥ—footprints; sarvataḥ—all around; kṛta—done; kautukā—good fortune.


The burden of the earth was certainly diminished by the Personality of Godhead and by others as well. When He was present as an incarnation, all good was performed because of His auspicious footprints.

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