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SB 10.13.6

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


atra bhoktavyam asmābhir
divārūḍhaṁ kṣudhārditāḥ
vatsāḥ samīpe 'paḥ pītvā
carantu śanakais tṛṇam


atra—here, on this spot; bhoktavyam—our lunch should be eaten; asmābhiḥ—by us; diva-ārūḍham—it is very late now; kṣudhā arditāḥ—we are fatigued with hunger; vatsāḥ—the calves; samīpe—nearby; apaḥ—water; pītvā—after drinking; carantu—let them eat; śanakaiḥ—slowly; tṛṇam—the grasses.


I think we should take our lunch here, since we are already hungry because the time is very late. Here the calves may drink water and go slowly here and there and eat the grass.

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