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SB 10.13.9

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


kecit puṣpair dalaiḥ kecit
pallavair aṅkuraiḥ phalaiḥ
śigbhis tvagbhir dṛṣadbhiś ca
bubhujuḥ kṛta-bhājanāḥ


kecit—someone; puṣpaiḥ—by flowers; dalaiḥ—by nice leaves of flowers; kecit—someone; pallavaiḥ—on the surface of bunches of leaves; aṅkuraiḥ—on the sprouts of flowers; phalaiḥ—and some on fruits; śigbhiḥ—some actually in the basket or packet; tvagbhiḥ—by the bark of trees; dṛṣadbhiḥ—on rocks; ca—and; bubhujuḥ—enjoyed; kṛta-bhājanāḥ—as if they had made their plates for eating.


Among the cowherd boys, some placed their lunch on flowers, some on leaves, fruits, or bunches of leaves, some actually in their baskets, some on the bark of trees and some on rocks. This is what the children imagined to be their plates as they ate their lunch.

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