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SB 10.86.56

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Please note: The synonyms, translation and purport of this verse were composed by disciples of Śrīla Prabhupāda


carācaram idaṁ viśvaṁ
bhāvā ye cāsya hetavaḥ
mad-rūpāṇīti cetasy
ādhatte vipro mad-īkṣayā


cara—moving; acaram—and nonmoving; idam—this; viśvam—universe; bhāvāḥ—elemental categories; ye—which; ca—and; asya—its; hetavaḥ—sources; mat—My; rūpāṇi—forms; iti—such a thought; cetasi—within his mind; ādhatte—maintains; vipraḥ—a brāhmaṇa; mat—of Me; īkṣayā—by his perception.

Translation and purport composed by disciples of Śrīla Prabhupāda


Because he has realized Me, a brāhmaṇa is firmly fixed in the knowledge that everything moving and nonmoving in the universe, and also the primary elements of its creation, are all manifest forms expanded from Me.

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