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SB 2.6.4

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


tad-gātraṁ vastu-sārāṇāṁ
saubhagasya ca bhājanam
tvag asya sparśa-vāyoś ca
sarva-medhasya caiva hi


tat—His; gātram—bodily surface; vastu-sārāṇām—of the active principles of all articles; saubhagasya—of all auspicious opportunities; ca—and; bhājanam—the field of production; tvak—skin; asya—His; sparśa—touch; vāyoḥ—of the moving airs; ca—also; sarva—all kinds of; medhasya—of sacrifices; ca—also; eva—certainly; hi—exactly.


His bodily surface is the breeding ground for the active principles of everything and for all kinds of auspicious opportunities. His skin, like the moving air, is the generating center for all kinds of sense of touch and is the place for performing all kinds of sacrifice.


The air is the moving agent of all the planets, and as such the generating centers for promotion to the deserving planets, the sacrifices, are His bodily surface and are naturally the origin of all auspicious opportunities.

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