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SB 3.14.10

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


ditir uvāca
eṣa māṁ tvat-kṛte vidvan
kāma ātta-śarāsanaḥ
dunoti dīnāṁ vikramya
rambhām iva mataṅgajaḥ


ditiḥ uvāca—beautiful Diti said; eṣaḥ—all these; mām—unto me; tvat-kṛte—for you; vidvan—O learned one; kāmaḥ—Cupid; ātta-śarāsanaḥ—taking his arrows; dunoti—distresses; dīnām—poor me; vikramya—attacking; rambhām—banana tree; iva—like; matam-gajaḥ—mad elephant.


In that place the beautiful Diti expressed her desire: O learned one, Cupid is taking his arrows and distressing me forcibly, as a mad elephant troubles a banana tree.


Beautiful Diti, seeing her husband absorbed in trance, began to speak loudly, not attempting to attract him by bodily expressions. She frankly said that her whole body was distressed by sex desire because of her husband's presence, just as a banana tree is troubled by a mad elephant. It was not natural for her to agitate her husband when he was in trance, but she could not control her strong sexual appetite. Her sex desire was like a mad elephant, and therefore it was the prime duty of her husband to give her all protection by fulfilling her desire.

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