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SB 3.18.11

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


ete vayaṁ nyāsa-harā rasaukasāṁ
gata-hriyo gadayā drāvitās te
tiṣṭhāmahe 'thāpi kathañcid ājau
stheyaṁ kva yāmo balinotpādya vairam


ete—Ourselves; vayam—We; nyāsa—of the charge; harāḥ—thieves; rasā-okasām—of the inhabitants of Rasātala; gata-hriyaḥ—shameless; gadayā—by the mace; drāvitāḥ—chased; te—your; tiṣṭhāmahe—We shall stay; atha api—nevertheless; kathañcit—somehow; ājau—on the battlefield; stheyam—We must stay; kva—where; yāmaḥ—can We go; balinā—with a powerful enemy; utpādya—having created; vairam—enmity.


Certainly We have stolen the charge of the inhabitants of Rasātala and have lost all shame. Although bitten by your powerful mace, I shall stay here in the water for some time because, having created enmity with a powerful enemy, I now have no place to go.


The demon should have known that God cannot be driven out of any place, for He is all-pervading. Demons think of their possessions as their property, but actually everything belongs to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who can take anything at any time He likes.

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