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SB 3.18.15

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


bhagavāṁs tu gadā-vegaṁ
visṛṣṭaṁ ripuṇorasi
avañcayat tiraścīno
yogārūḍha ivāntakam


bhagavān—the Lord; tu—however; gadā-vegam—the blow of the mace; visṛṣṭam—thrown; ripuṇā—by the enemy; urasi—at His breast; avañcayat—dodged; tiraścīnaḥ—aside; yoga-ārūḍhaḥ—an accomplished yogī; iva—like; antakam—death.


The Lord, however, by moving slightly aside, dodged the violent mace-blow aimed at His breast by the enemy, just as an accomplished yogī would elude death.


The example is given herein that the perfect yogī can overcome a deathblow although it is offered by the laws of nature. It is useless for a demon to beat the transcendental body of the Lord with a powerful mace, for no one can surpass His prowess. Those who are advanced transcendentalists are freed from the laws of nature, and even a deathblow cannot act on them. Superficially it may be seen that a yogī is attacked by a deathblow, but by the grace of the Lord he can overcome many such attacks for the service of the Lord. As the Lord exists by His own independent prowess, by the grace of the Lord the devotees also exist for His service.

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