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SB 4.11.9

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


nanv ekasyāparādhena
prasaṅgād bahavo hatāḥ
bhrātur vadhābhitaptena
tvayāṅga bhrātṛ-vatsala


nanu—certainly; ekasya—of one (Yakṣa); aparādhena—with the offense; prasaṅgāt—because of their association; bahavaḥ—many; hatāḥ—have been killed; bhrātuḥ—of your brother; vadha—by the death; abhitaptena—being aggrieved; tvayā—by you; aṅga—my dear son; bhrātṛ-vatsala—affectionate to your brother.


My dear son, it has been proved that you are very much affectionate towards your brother and are greatly aggrieved at his being killed by the Yakṣas, but just consider—for one Yakṣa's offense, you have killed many others, who are innocent.

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