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SB 4.30.17

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


sahasram ahataujasaḥ
bhaumān bhokṣyatha bhogān vai
divyāṁś cānugrahān mama


divya—of the heavenly planets; varṣa—years; sahasrāṇām—of thousands; sahasram—a thousand; ahata—without being defeated; ojasaḥ—your power; bhaumān—of this world; bhokṣyatha—you will enjoy; bhogān—enjoyments; vai—certainly; divyān—of the heavenly world; ca—also; anugrahāt—by mercy; mama—My.


The Lord then blessed all the Pracetās, saying: My dear princes, by My mercy, you can enjoy all the facilities of this world as well as the heavenly world. Indeed, you can enjoy all of them without hindrance and with full strength for one million celestial years.


The duration of life prescribed for the Pracetās by the Supreme Personality of Godhead is calculated by the time measurements of higher planetary systems. Our six earth months are said to equal twelve hours in the higher planetary systems. Thirty days equal one month, and twelve months equal one year. In this way, for one million years according to the calculations of the higher planetary system the Pracetās were allowed to enjoy all kinds of material facilities. Although this life-span was so long, the Pracetās were given full bodily strength by the grace of the Lord. In the material world, if one wants to live for many years, he must endure the difficulties of old age, invalidity and many other miserable conditions. The Pracetās, however, were given full bodily strength to enjoy material facilities. This special facility was given to the Pracetās so that they could continue rendering full devotional service. This will be explained in the following verse.

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