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SB 4.7.26

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


dakṣa uvāca
śuddhaṁ sva-dhāmny uparatākhila-buddhy-avasthaṁ
cin-mātram ekam abhayaṁ pratiṣidhya māyām
tiṣṭhaṁs tayaiva puruṣatvam upetya tasyām
āste bhavān apariśuddha ivātma-tantraḥ


dakṣaḥ — Dakṣa; uvāca — said; śuddham — pure; sva-dhāmni — in Your own abode; uparata-akhila — completely turned back; buddhi-avastham — position of mental speculation; cit-mātram — completely spiritual; ekam — one without a second; abhayam — fearless; pratiṣidhya — controlling; māyām — material energy; tiṣṭhan — being situated; tayā — with her (Māyā); eva — certainly; puruṣatvam — overseer; upetya — entering into; tasyām — in her; āste — is present; bhavān — Your Lordship; apariśuddhaḥ — impure; iva — as if; ātma-tantraḥ — self-sufficient.


Dakṣa addressed the Supreme Personality of Godhead: My dear Lord, You are transcendental to all speculative positions. You are completely spiritual, devoid of all fear, and You are always in control of the material energy. Even though You appear in the material energy, You are situated transcendentally. You are always free from material contamination because You are completely self-sufficient.

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