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SB 4.8.67

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


aho me bata daurātmyaṁ
yo 'ṅkaṁ premṇārurukṣantaṁ
nābhyanandam asattamaḥ


aho—alas; me—my; bata—certainly; daurātmyam—cruelty; strī-jitasya—conquered by a woman; upadhāraya—just think of me in this regard; yaḥ—who; aṅkam—lap; premṇā—out of love; ārurukṣantam—trying to rise onto it; na—not; abhyanandam—received properly; asat-tamaḥ—the most cruel.


Alas, just see how I was conquered by my wife! Just imagine my cruelty! Out of love and affection the boy was trying to get up on my lap, but I did not receive him, nor did I even pat him for a moment. Just imagine how hardhearted I am.

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