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SB 5.13.19

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


ataḥ kathañcit sa vimukta āpadaḥ
punaś ca sārthaṁ praviśaty arindama
adhvany amuṣminn ajayā niveśito
bhramañ jano 'dyāpi na veda kaścana


ataḥ—from this; kathañcit—somehow; saḥ—he; vimuktaḥ—liberated; āpadaḥ—from the danger; punaḥ ca—again; sa-artham—taking interest in that life; praviśati—begins; arim-dama—O King, killer of the enemies; adhvani—on the path of enjoyment; amuṣmin—that; ajayā—by the influence of the illusory energy; niveśitaḥ—being absorbed; bhraman—traveling; janaḥ—the conditioned soul; adya api—even up to death; na veda—does not understand; kaścana—anything.


O killer of enemies, Mahārāja Rahūgaṇa, if the conditioned soul somehow or other gets out of his dangerous position, he again returns to his home to enjoy sex life, for that is the way of attachment. Thus, under the spell of the Lord's material energy, he continues to loiter in the forest of material existence. He does not discover his real interest even at the point of death.


This is the way of material life. When one is captured by sexual attraction, he becomes implicated in so many ways and cannot understand the real aim of life. Therefore Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam (SB 7.5.31) says, na te viduḥ svārtha-gatiṁ hi viṣṇum: generally people do not understand the ultimate goal of life. As stated in the Vedas, oṁ tad viṣṇoḥ paramaṁ padaṁ sadā paśyanti sūrayaḥ: those who are spiritually advanced simply look to the lotus feet of Viṣṇu. The conditioned soul, however, not being interested in reviving his relationship with Viṣṇu, becomes captivated by material activities and remains in everlasting bondage, being misled by so-called leaders.

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