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SB 5.14.15

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


kvacid āsādya gṛhaṁ dāvavat
priyārtha-vidhuram asukhodarkaṁ
śokāgninā dahyamāno bhṛśaṁ
nirvedam upagacchati


kvacit—sometimes; āsādya—experiencing; gṛham—the home life; dāva-vat—exactly like a blazing fire in the forest; priya-artha-vidhuram—without any beneficial object; asukha-udarkam—resulting only in more and more unhappiness; śoka-agninā—by the fire of lamentation; dahyamānaḥ—being burned; bhṛśam—very great; nirvedam—disappointment; upagacchati—he obtains.


In this world, family life is exactly like a blazing fire in the forest. There is not the least happiness, and gradually one becomes more and more implicated in unhappiness. In household life, there is nothing favorable for perpetual happiness. Being implicated in home life, the conditioned soul is burned by the fire of lamentation. Sometimes he condemns himself as being very unfortunate, and sometimes he claims that he suffers because he performed no pious activities in his previous life.


In the Gurv-aṣṭaka, Śrīla Viśvanātha Cakravartī Ṭhākura has sung:

trāṇāya kāruṇya-ghanāghanatvam

A life in this material world is exactly like a blazing forest fire. No one goes to set fire to the forest, yet the fire takes place. Similarly, everyone wants to be happy in the material world, but the miserable conditions of material life simply increase. Sometimes a person caught in the blazing fire of material existence condemns himself, but due to his bodily conception he cannot get out of the entanglement, and thus he suffers more and more.

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