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SB 5.14.19

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


kvacic ca duḥsahena kāyābhyantara-vahninā
gṛhīta-sāraḥ sva-kuṭumbāya krudhyati


kvacit ca—and sometimes; duḥsahena—unbearable; kāya-abhyantara-vahninā—because of the fire of hunger and thirst within the body; gṛhīta-sāraḥ—whose patience is exhausted; sva-kuṭumbāya—unto his own family members; krudhyati—he becomes angry.


Sometimes, due to bodily hunger and thirst, the conditioned soul becomes so disturbed that he loses his patience and becomes angry with his own beloved sons, daughters and wife. Thus, being unkind to them, he suffers all the more.


Śrīla Vidyāpati Ṭhākura has sung:

tātala saikate, vāri-bindu-sama,

The happiness of family life is compared to a drop of water in the desert. No one can be happy in family life. According to the Vedic civilization, one cannot give up the responsibilities of family life, but today everyone is giving up family life by divorce. This is due to the miserable condition experienced in the family. Sometimes, due to misery, one becomes very hardened toward his affectionate sons, daughters and wife. This is but part of the blazing fire of the forest of material life.

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