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SB 6.14.36

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


kṛcchra-labdhe 'tha rājarṣes
tanaye 'nudinaṁ pituḥ
yathā niḥsvasya kṛcchrāpte
dhane sneho 'nvavardhata


kṛcchra—with great difficulty; labdhe—gained; atha—thereafter; rāja-ṛṣeḥ—of the pious King Citraketu; tanaye—for the son; anudinam—day after day; pituḥ—of the father; yathā—exactly as; niḥsvasya—of a poor man; kṛcchra-āpte—gained after great difficulty; dhane—for riches; snehaḥ—affection; anvavardhata—increased.


When a poor man gets some money after great difficulty, his affection for the money increases daily. Similarly, when King Citraketu, after great difficulty, received a son, his affection for the son increased day after day.

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