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SB 6.15.2

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


ko 'yaṁ syāt tava rājendra
bhavān yam anuśocati
tvaṁ cāsya katamaḥ sṛṣṭau
puredānīm ataḥ param


kaḥ—who; ayam—this; syāt—is; tava—to you; rāja-indra—O best of kings; bhavān—Your Lordship; yam—whom; anuśocati—laments over; tvam—you; ca—and; asya—to him (the dead boy); katamaḥ—who; sṛṣṭau—in the birth; purā—previously; idānīm—at this time, at the present; ataḥ param—and hereafter, in the future.


O King, what relationship does the dead body for which you lament have with you, and what relationship do you have with him? You may say that you are now related as father and son, but do you think this relationship existed before? Does it truly exist now? Will it continue in the future?


The instructions given by Nārada and Aṅgirā Muni are the true spiritual instructions for the illusioned conditioned soul. This world is temporary, but because of our previous karma we come here and accept bodies, creating temporary relationships in terms of society, friendship, love, nationality and community, which are all finished at death. These temporary relationships did not exist in the past, nor will they exist in the future. Therefore at the present moment the so-called relationships are illusions.

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