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SB 7.10.58

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


tato 'gni-varṇā iṣava
utpetuḥ sūrya-maṇḍalāt
yathā mayūkha-sandohā
nādṛśyanta puro yataḥ


tataḥ—thereafter; agni-varṇāḥ—as brilliant as fire; iṣavaḥ—arrows; utpetuḥ—released; sūrya-maṇḍalāt—from the sun globe; yathā—just as; mayūkha-sandohāḥ—beams of light; na adṛśyanta—could not be seen; puraḥ—the three residences; yataḥ—because of this (being covered by the arrows of Lord Śiva).


The arrows released by Lord Śiva appeared like fiery beams emanating from the sun globe and covered the three residential airplanes, which could then no longer be seen.

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