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SB 7.13.35

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


loke 'smin no gurūttamau
vairāgyaṁ paritoṣaṁ ca
prāptā yac-chikṣayā vayam


madhukāra—bees that go from flower to flower to collect honey; mahā-sarpau—the big snake (the python, which does not move from one place to another); loke—in the world; asmin—this; naḥ—our; guru—spiritual masters; uttamau—first-class; vairāgyam—renunciation; paritoṣam ca—and satisfaction; prāptāḥ—obtained; yat-śikṣayā—by whose instruction; vayam—we.


The bee and the python are two excellent spiritual masters who give us exemplary instructions regarding how to be satisfied by collecting only a little and how to stay in one place and not move.

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