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SB 8.11.20

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


vacobhiḥ paruṣair indram
ardayanto 'sya marmasu
śarair avākiran meghā
dhārābhir iva parvatam


vacobhiḥ—with harsh words; paruṣaiḥ—very rough and cruel; indram—King Indra; ardayantaḥ—chastising, piercing; asya—of Indra; marmasu—in the heart, etc.; śaraiḥ—with arrows; avākiran—covered all around; meghāḥ—clouds; dhārābhiḥ—with showers of rain; iva—just as; parvatam—a mountain.


Rebuking Indra with harsh, cruel words that were piercing to the heart, these demons showered him with arrows, just as torrents of rain wash a great mountain.

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