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SB 8.11.4

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


naṭavan mūḍha māyābhir
māyeśān no jigīṣasi
jitvā bālān nibaddhākṣān
naṭo harati tad-dhanam


naṭa-vat—like a cheater or rogue; mūḍha—you rascal; māyābhiḥ—by exhibiting illusions; māyā-īśān—unto the demigods, who can control all such illusory manifestations; naḥ—unto us; jigīṣasi—you are trying to become victorious; jitvā—conquering; bālān—small children; nibaddha-akṣān—by binding the eyes; naṭaḥ—a cheater; harati—takes away; tat-dhanam—the property in the possession of a child.


Indra said: O rascal, as a cheater sometimes binds the eyes of a child and takes away his possessions, you are trying to defeat us by displaying some mystic power, although you know that we are the masters of all such mystic powers.

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