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SB 8.19.25

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


puṁso 'yaṁ saṁsṛter hetur
asantoṣo 'rtha-kāmayoḥ
santoṣo muktaye smṛtaḥ


puṁsaḥ—of the living entity; ayam—this; saṁsṛteḥ—of the continuation of material existence; hetuḥ—the cause; asantoṣaḥ—dissatisfaction with his destined achievement; artha-kāmayoḥ—for the sake of lusty desires and getting more and more money; yadṛcchayā—with the gift of destiny; upapannena—which has been achieved; santoṣaḥ—satisfaction; muktaye—for liberation; smṛtaḥ—is considered fit.


Material existence causes discontent in regard to fulfilling one's lusty desires and achieving more and more money. This is the cause for the continuation of material life, which is full of repeated birth and death. But one who is satisfied by that which is obtained by destiny is fit for liberation from this material existence.

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