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SB 8.20.17

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


vindhyāvalis tadāgatya
patnī jālaka-mālinī
āninye kalaśaṁ haimam
avanejany-apāṁ bhṛtam


vindhyāvaliḥ—Vindhyāvali; tadā—at that time; āgatya—coming there; patnī—the wife of Mahārāja Bali; jālaka-mālinī—decorated with a necklace of pearls; āninye—caused to be brought; kalaśam—a waterpot; haimam—made of gold; avanejani-apām—with water for the sake of washing the Lord's feet; bhṛtam—filled.


Bali Mahārāja's wife, known as Vindhyāvali, who was decorated with a necklace of pearls, immediately came and had a large golden waterpot brought there, full of water with which to worship the Lord by washing His feet.

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