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SB 8.20.20

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


nedur muhur dundubhayaḥ sahasraśo
gandharva-kimpūruṣa-kinnarā jaguḥ
manasvinānena kṛtaṁ suduṣkaraṁ
vidvān adād yad ripave jagat-trayam


neduḥ—began to beat; muhuḥ—again and again; dundubhayaḥ—trumpets and kettledrums; sahasraśaḥ—by thousands and thousands; gandharva—the residents of Gandharvaloka; kimpūruṣa—the residents of Kimpuruṣaloka; kinnarāḥ—and the residents of Kinnaraloka; jaguḥ—began to sing and declare; manasvinā—by the most exalted personality; anena—by Bali Mahārāja; kṛtam—was done; su-duṣkaram—an extremely difficult task; vidvān—because of his being the most learned person; adāt—gave Him a gift; yat—that; ripave—unto the enemy, Lord Viṣṇu, who was siding with Bali Mahārāja's enemies, the demigods; jagat-trayam—the three worlds.


The Gandharvas, the Kimpuruṣas and the Kinnaras sounded thousands and thousands of kettledrums and trumpets again and again, and they sang in great jubilation, declaring, "How exalted a person is Bali Mahārāja, and what a difficult task he has performed! Even though he knew that Lord Viṣṇu was on the side of his enemies, he nonetheless gave the Lord the entire three worlds in charity."

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