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SB 8.21.23

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


bhavadbhir nirjitā hy ete
bahuśo 'nucarā hareḥ
daivenarddhais ta evādya
yudhi jitvā nadanti naḥ


bhavadbhiḥ—by all of you demons; nirjitāḥ—have been defeated; hi—indeed; ete—all these soldiers of the demigods; bahuśaḥ—in great number; anucarāḥ—followers; hareḥ—of Lord Viṣṇu; daivena—by providence; ṛddhaiḥ—whose opulence was increased; te—they (the demigods); eva—indeed; adya—today; yudhi—in the fight; jitvā—defeating; nadanti—are vibrating in jubilation; naḥ—us.


Previously, being empowered by providence, you defeated a great number of such followers of Lord Viṣṇu. But today those same followers, having defeated us, are roaring in jubilation like lions.


Bhagavad-gītā mentions five causes of defeat or victory. Of these five, daiva (providence) is the most powerful (na ca daivāt paraṁ balam). Bali Mahārāja knew the secret of how he had formerly been victorious because providence was in his favor. Now, since that same providence was not in his favor, there was no possibility of his victory. Thus he very intelligently forbade his associates to fight.

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