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SB 8.21.6-7

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


toyaiḥ samarhaṇaiḥ sragbhir
dhūpair dīpaiḥ surabhibhir
stavanair jaya-śabdaiś ca
nṛtya-vāditra-gītaiś ca


toyaiḥ—by water required for washing the lotus feet and bathing; samarhaṇaiḥ—by pādya, arghya and other such items for worshiping the Lord; sragbhiḥ—by flower garlands; divya-gandha-anulepanaiḥ—by many kinds of pulp, like sandalwood and aguru, to smear upon the body of Lord Vāmanadeva; dhūpaiḥ—by incense; dīpaiḥ—by lamps; surabhibhiḥ—all of them extremely fragrant; lāja—by fried paddies; akṣata—by unbroken grains; phala—by fruits; aṅkuraiḥ—by roots and sprouts; stavanaiḥ—by offering prayers; jaya-śabdaiḥ—by saying "jaya, jaya"; ca—also; tat-vīrya-mahimā-aṅkitaiḥ—which indicated the glorious activities of the Lord; nṛtya-vāditra-gītaiḥ ca—by dancing, playing various musical instruments, and singing songs; śaṅkha—of vibrating conchshells; dundubhi—of the beating on kettledrums; niḥsvanaiḥ—by the sound vibrations.


They worshiped the Lord by offering fragrant flowers, water, pādya and arghya, sandalwood pulp and aguru pulp, incense, lamps, fused rice, unbroken grains, fruits, roots and sprouts. While so doing, they offered prayers indicating the glorious activities of the Lord and shouted "Jaya! Jaya!" They also danced, played instruments, sang, sounded conchshells and beat kettledrums, in this way worshiping the Lord.

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