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SB 8.7.34

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


tat tasya te sad-asatoḥ parataḥ parasya
nāñjaḥ svarūpa-gamane prabhavanti bhūmnaḥ
brahmādayaḥ kim uta saṁstavane vayaṁ tu
tat-sarga-sarga-viṣayā api śakti-mātram


tat—therefore; tasya—of that; te—of Your Lordship; sat-asatoḥ—of the living entities, moving and not moving; parataḥ—transcendentally situated; parasya—very difficult to understand; na—nor; añjaḥ—as it is; svarūpa-gamane—to approach your reality; prabhavanti—it is possible; bhūmnaḥ—O great one; brahma-ādayaḥ—even such persons as Lord Brahmā; kim uta—what to speak of others; saṁstavane—in offering prayers; vayam tu—as far as we are concerned; tat—of you; sarga-sarga-viṣayāḥ—creations of the creation; api—although; śakti-mātram—to our ability.


Even personalities like Lord Brahmā and other demigods cannot understand your position, for you are beyond the moving and nonmoving creation. Since no one can understand you in truth, how can one offer you prayers? It is impossible. As far as we are concerned, we are creatures of Lord Brahmā's creation. Under the circumstances, therefore, we cannot offer you adequate prayers, but as far as our ability allows, we have expressed our feelings.

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