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SB 8.7.5

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


kṛta-sthāna-vibhāgās ta
evaṁ kaśyapa-nandanāḥ
mamanthuḥ paramaṁ yattā
amṛtārthaṁ payo-nidhim


kṛta—adjusting; sthāna-vibhāgāḥ—the division of the places they were to hold; te—they; evam—in this way; kaśyapa-nandanāḥ—the sons of Kaśyapa (both the demigods and the demons); mamanthuḥ—churned; paramam—with great; yattāḥ—endeavor; amṛta-artham—for getting nectar; payaḥ-nidhim—the ocean of milk.


After thus adjusting how the snake was to be held, the sons of Kaśyapa, both demigods and demons, began their activities, desiring to get nectar by churning the ocean of milk.

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