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SB 8.9.2

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


aho rūpam aho dhāma
aho asyā navaṁ vayaḥ
iti te tām abhidrutya
papracchur jāta-hṛc-chayāḥ


aho—how wonderful; rūpam—Her beauty; aho—how wonderful; dhāma—Her bodily luster; aho—how wonderful; asyāḥ—of Her; navam—new; vayaḥ—beautiful age; iti—in this way; te—those demons; tām—unto the beautiful woman; abhidrutya—going before Her hastily; papracchuḥ—inquired from Her; jāta-hṛt-śayāḥ—their hearts being filled with lust to enjoy Her.


Upon seeing the beautiful woman, the demons said, "Alas, how wonderful is Her beauty, how wonderful the luster of Her body, and how wonderful the beauty of Her youthful age!" Speaking in this way, they quickly approached Her, full of lusty desires to enjoy Her, and began to inquire from Her in many ways.

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