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SB 9.3.14

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


ity ukto jarayā grasta-
deho dhamani-santataḥ
hradaṁ praveśito 'śvibhyāṁ


iti uktaḥ—thus being addressed; jarayā—by old age and invalidity; grasta-dehaḥ—the body being so diseased; dhamani-santataḥ—whose veins were visible everywhere on the body; hradam—the lake; praveśitaḥ—entered; aśvibhyām—helped by the Aśvinī-kumāras; valī-palita-vigrahaḥ—whose body had loose skin and white hair.


After saying this, the Aśvinī-kumāras caught hold of Cyavana Muni, who was an old, diseased invalid with loose skin, white hair, and veins visible all over his body, and all three of them entered the lake.


Cyavana Muni was so old that he could not enter the lake alone. Thus the Aśvinī-kumāras caught hold of his body, and the three of them entered the lake.

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