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SB 9.5.7

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


tvat-tejasā dharma-mayena saṁhṛtaṁ
tamaḥ prakāśaś ca dṛśo mahātmanām
duratyayas te mahimā girāṁ pate
tvad-rūpam etat sad-asat parāvaram


tvat-tejasā—by your effulgence; dharma-mayena—which is full of religious principles; saṁhṛtam—dissipated; tamaḥ—darkness; prakāśaḥ ca—illumination also; dṛśaḥ—of all directions; mahā-ātmanām—of great, learned personalities; duratyayaḥ—insurmountable; te—your; mahimā—glories; girām pate—O master of speech; tvat-rūpam—your manifestation; etat—this; sat-asat—manifested and unmanifested; para-avaram—superior and inferior.


O master of speech, by your effulgence, full of religious principles, the darkness of the world is dissipated, and the knowledge of learned persons or great souls is manifested. Indeed, no one can surpass your effulgence, for all things, manifested and unmanifested, gross and subtle, superior and inferior, are but various forms of you that are manifested by your effulgence.


Without illumination, nothing can be seen, especially in this material world. The illumination in this world emanates from the effulgence of Sudarśana, the original vision of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The illuminating principles of the sun, the moon and fire emanate from Sudarśana. Similarly, illumination by knowledge also comes from Sudarśana because with the illumination of Sudarśana one can distinguish one thing from another, the superior from the inferior. Generally people accept a powerful yogi like Durvāsā Muni as wonderfully superior, but if such a person is chased by the Sudarśana cakra, we can see his real identity and understand how inferior he is because of his dealings with devotees.

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