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SB 9.8.17

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


evaṁ vṛttaḥ parityaktaḥ
pitrā sneham apohya vai
yogaiśvaryeṇa bālāṁs tān
darśayitvā tato yayau


evam vṛttaḥ—thus engaged (in abominable activities); parityaktaḥ—condemned; pitrā—by his father; sneham—affection; apohya—giving up; vai—indeed; yoga-aiśvaryeṇa—by mystic power; bālān tān—all those boys (thrown in the water and killed); darśayitvā—after again showing them all to their parents; tataḥ yayau—he left that place.


Because Asamañjasa engaged in such abominable activities, his father gave up affection for him and had him exiled. Then Asamañjasa exhibited his mystic power by reviving the boys and showing them to the King and their parents. After this, Asamañjasa left Ayodhyā.


Asamañjasa was a jāti-smara; because of his mystic power, he did not forget his previous consciousness. Thus he could give life to the dead. By exhibiting wonderful activities in relation to the dead children, he certainly attracted the attention of the King and the people in general. Then he left that place immediately.

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