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SB 9.9.22

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


parivekṣyamāṇaṁ bhagavān
vilokyābhakṣyam añjasā
rājānam aśapat kruddho
rakṣo hy evaṁ bhaviṣyasi


parivekṣyamāṇam—while examining the eatables; bhagavān—the most powerful; vilokya—when he saw; abhakṣyam—unfit for consumption; añjasā—very easily by his mystic power; rājānam—unto the King; aśapat—cursed; kruddhaḥ—being very angry; rakṣaḥ—a man-eater; hi—indeed; evam—in this way; bhaviṣyasi—you shall become.


While examining the food given to him, Vasiṣṭha Muni, by his mystic power, could understand that it was unfit to eat, being the flesh of a human being. He was very angry at this and immediately cursed Saudāsa to become a man-eater.

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